Health Care

Health Care Reform Paper The objective of this assignment is to examine the current health care reform act and its impact on health policy. Your task in this assignment is to: a) Review the PowerPoint on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: P.L. 111-148 b) Select one of the five major themes. c) Review at least 3 commentaries addressing your selected theme in the Affordable Care Act. (Use the RSS feeds esp. Kaiser and the internet to locate commentaries) Affordable Care Act (P.L. 111-1) d) Evaluate the pros and cons of the current theme and its provisions. The paper includes: 1) Clearly identify which aspect of the law you are focusing on 2) summary of the major points raised in the commentaries about the current law 3) your evaluation of the pros and cons in the law and please support with data 4) recommendations on the next step or what needs to be further examined or worked out. The paper should be concise and no more than 4 typed pages. All papers should be formatted using APA style with 1” margins and 12-point font. A minimum of 3 references other than your book must be used to support your ideas and conclusions. You must use proper referencing and citations in all papers.
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