Please answer all questions in complete sentences and fully explain your ideas. 1. Using the data in text, who are the individuals who are most likely to be uninsured? What are their characteristics? 2. Select three factors other than health insurance that impedes access to services and provide a potential real life example (not the one from the book) that reflects the factor. Please explain the factor before giving the example. 3. Pick one figure/chart from each of the 5 sections to evaluate in the Key Fact Book on Race, Ethnicity and Medical Care and 2 charts from the Health Data Book 2009. Explain in your own words what the charts is telling us about racial and ethnic disparities and the health of society. 4. The book focuses on for-profits and physicians as having self-interest, which interferes with controlling cost of health care. All professions and health providers have self-interest in preservation. Examine your own profession or a non-for profit provider for evidence of policies or actions that demonstrates potential concern for economic gains. (HINT: Please remember no one wears a badge stating I want to make money but some initiatives that increase practice areas and other options can increase economic viability.) Explain the action or policy, and why you believe it relates to economic gain. 5. One of the most under discussed topics in health care reform is the “underinsured”. Please review the videos then explain 1) what is meant by underinsured and 2) identify at least one change in policy necessary to help this group of individuals.
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