How does media coverage of Muslims affect Muslims ability to get jobs in the western world?

Research Question: How does media coverage of Muslims affect Muslims ability to get jobs in the western world?

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NO PLAGIARISM at all please!! This is for a political science class, so please let someone write it who is an expert in the major and knows how to write a well literature review. Instructions: my research question is ” How does media coverage of Muslims affect Muslims ability to get jobs in the western world?” I would like for you to write a literature review about this topic. First, you need to come up with a title, then you need to provide an introduction which serves as an overview to this section. The introduction needs to explain that there is a scholarly debate on my research question, and there are roughly X (6 scholarly sources) number of sources; each source offers a specific answer to my question (please provide them and be sure to convey precisely what that response is), write the approaches that have various strengths and weaknesses (with some brief specifics);, but mention which source seems to be the best one os is the most compelling to investigate for these reasons. These points just mention them briefly in the introductions, and then explain them more in the body paragraphs. MAKE SURE TO HAVE A THESIS STATEMENT ON THE BOTTOM OF THE INTRODUCTION (and highlight it for me). In the body paragraphs, please write the expositions and the analysis of the schools and sources. Moreover, you need to string together the summaries of the works of the schools using the sources to illustrate different elements of that intellectual approach. So, the school is the answer to my research question that the authors hold, so you need to explain the answer and show why these scholars agree. The body section also assesses the logical strengths and weaknesses of the answers and then settles on one approach that the author finds particularly compelling. Don’t simply assert one is better or preferred, you need to explain and justify why you chose this approach and should be pursued further. A way you can organize the body paragraphs is by mentioning and discussing the schools from the least to the most preferred. So one way you can do it is introduce the school, the various arguments, their strengths and weaknesses, and your preferred position. After that, your last part is to write the conclusion, which summarizes everything and mentions which school’s argument is the best for your purposes and why, or which school would you like to continue to pursue and why? Please find have 6 scholarly sources!**** and that’s where all of your information should come from.