How educational provider can support parents with their child’s development by collaboratively working together?

Attached herewith is the essay criteria alongside a rough draft I have attempted, hopefully this will give you an idea of my writing style too.  I have also included the questionnaire and a brief outline of what research.
The aim of the research is to establish whether parents and carers are able to understand and support their child’s learning and development, this for example homework and other school projects. The key objective is to identify how schools can improve this by collaboratively working and supporting parents especially those of whom may be of an EAL background and or parents who may be from an underprivileged background.
The researcher will distribute a questionnaire to parents, which will be aimed at uncovering their feelings towards the level of accessible support in being effective partners when supporting their child with their school homework and other projects involving their educational learning.  The questionnaire will consist of quantitative and quantitative data, which will consist of 9 questions including an optional question.
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