How to write an Admission Essay

The admission essay is written to help acquire a position as an employee or student in an institution. The details you include in the document will determine the results, thus it should be interesting yet accurate. The article explains some important guidelines in writing the essay.
First, the essay should flow well and make sense. This will make it easier for anyone reading it to follow the information easily and find it worth reading until the end, increasing your chances of acceptance into the institution.
To ensure the eassay flows well, the paragraphs should follow a chronological order from most important to least. Furthermore, the point in one paragraph should be connected to the point in the next paragraph to promote flow of the admission essay.
It is also important to bring life to your essay through giving brief descriptions of who you are. The descriptions should explain yourself to the reader who may have no idea of who you are. As the essay allows you to choose exactly what to share and withhold. The manner in which you share the information will create and build or damage your image.
You have to note that there will be many admission essays read by the reader, you thus need to write one that is unique to distinguish you from the others. A common mistake made is fitting everything into the essay; instead just explain a few of your main points to make it shorter, unique and interesting.