I need a critique on Ancient Prehistory to 1500

DVD or Source Reading Critiques Two critiques of your choices on DVDs presented in class or on assigned source readings (taken from worlds of history, a comparative reader). The purpose of this assignment is to promote your thinking and analysis about events, movements, or issues in world civilizations from the ancient world to 1500. Your critique should include: 1) a summary of DVD or reading and a discussion of how it relates to course themes, and 2) a critical analysis/personal response to the selection. Both components are essential in weighted 50-50. The assignments are to be 2-3 pages, printed (double spaced). Required Textbooks Kevin Reilly, The Human Journey, A Concise Introduction to World History, Vol 1 Prehistory to 1450. Kevin Reilly, World of History, A Comparative Reader, Vol 1 to 1550,

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