Iceland Festivals

Iceland Festivals
Many festivals are held in Iceland. These festivals are held throughout the year. These festivals range from local to international performances, theater productions, movie screenings, drag queen shows, comedy gigs, and symphonic orchestra among others. This article will be discussing the top ten Iceland Festivals. If in case you are at cross roads on what to choose, don’t hesitate to pick a festival from this list.

  1. Food and Fun Festival

For the food lovers, this a festival for you. It is held during the month of March. This is the moment when chefs from all over the world come together to cook. This always goes on for a week. The chefs collaborate with the restaurants in a bid to come up with menus.

  1. Menninngarnott

This festival also takes place in August. This festive is simply unique. There are so many events like music, design, games, art among others that take place during the Menninngarnott festival. This is the moment when entry to the museums and other places is FREE. This is also the time that you will be welcomed to other people’s houses to eat.

  1. Art Festival

The Art Festival happens every May. This festal also features dance, music, design, as well as art. This is always displayed throughout the country. It is one of the oldest festivals in Iceland. Tickets are available to anyone who is willing to join.

  1. Aldrei Music Festival

This is a rock music festival that is free for everyone. It is usually held during the Easter (April). Even the artists who visit to grace the occasion are not paid to entertain. They do it freely. The festival was once started by Mugison. His idea was to come up with a platform that would bring together all the artists.

  1. Secret Solstice Music Festival

This is a somewhat new music festival that I held in Iceland. The first Secret Solstice Music Festival was held in the year 2014. From then, it has always been held annually. This festival has developed fast. It is enjoyed by many in Iceland. Some of the people associated with this festival are the Prodigy, Wu Tang Clan, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Die Antwoord among others. This festival is usually held around June yearly. It is believed that the festival gets the best marketing hence the reason why many people like it. Some of the things that make this activity unique is the fact it allows the participants opportunity to party inside a volcano. Sounds exceptional?

  1. Braedslan Festival

The Braedslan is usually celebrated during the month of July. This is a festival of bands. There are different bands that exceptional play music to the attendees. Some of the bands that have played in the previous Braedslan Festival are Emiliana Torrin, Of Monsters and Men among others. You should always carry a pullover because it is always cold.

  1. LungA Art Festival

This was first celebrated in 2000. It is also celebrated in the month of July. The LungA Art Festival can be referred to as an exhibition festival. It is attended by over 4000 people. Some of the activities that happen here include workshops, gallery exhibitions, music as well as fashions. This is where everything is made possible. You have the opportunity to see whatever you want to see.

  1. Reykjavík Pride

This is a festival that is done for the LGBTO people as well as their supporters. The most unique element about this festival is the fact that it is attended even by the government officials. It is celebrated in the month of August.

  1. International Film Festival

The IFF festival happens for nearly two weeks. It is usually celebrated during the month of September. This is purely about drama, and films for more than 40 countries. They usually stress on the need to feature upcoming film makers. Some films are always screened on the swimming pools. You can’t miss such an opportunity.

  1. Iceland Airwaves

This is another unique festival that is celebrated in Iceland. This festival is celebrated to bring together local and international musicians. The Iceland Airwaves is celebrated every November. The venue for this occasion keeps on shifting from one place to another. The tickets for the festivals go for about ISK 21900. There are also some free Iceland Airwaves that allow members to attend freely.
It is worth noting that these are not the only Iceland festivals. This list only mentions some of a unique festivals held in Iceland. You can, therefore, refer to the Iceland as the land of festivals.

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