Ikon gallery building in Birmingham

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The conversion of the former Oozells Street School into the new home of the IKON Gallery is an intrinsic part of the Brindley place masterplan.
Formally the Oozells Street Primary School, the redundant and dilapidated building, erected in 1877 to the design of Martin and Chamberlain, Birmingham’s premier Victorian architects, was converted into the new home for the IKON gallery, as an intrinsic part of the Brindley Place masterplan, and was opened to the public in 1998.
Extensively extended basement areas, used for storage, workshops and plant, were formed from contiguous concrete piles, which provided both basement walls and means of support for the ground beams supporting the ground floor construction above.  Externally, the original, decorative gothic style building, is complimented by the inclusion of a new contrasting glass stair and lift enclosure, located externally to
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