Improving Quality and Safety

Prepare a detailed outline of your Key Assignment draft for this week’s project. my individual project this week is the order 212183. based on this work is that you should do an outline. I can send you an example of another work by a student: Bonnie Wirgau Unit 4 Discussion Board Nursing Informatics September 5, 2017 I. Summary of Clinical Unit a. Hospice patients in north east Michigan i. Patients with life expectancy of 6 months or less ii. Patients living in private homes, assisted living facilities, adult foster care centers, long term care centers, skilled nursing facilities and hospitals iii. Covering a multi county territory with both urban and rural areas II. Patient Care Issue a. Improvement in the amount of time that nurses can spend with patients i. Decrease drive time between patients with most effective scheduling b. Enhancing communication and coordination of care on your unit i. Provide real-time update of patient visits completed and patient visits needed to assist field staff scheduler to allocate staff appropriately to meet patient/family needs III. Technology Resource/Health Information System a. Creation of an interactive map with link to current EMR i. Allows visual of patients’ locations ii. Hovering over patient location would provide list of care team, who is scheduled to see patient on selected day and if visit has been completed yet. iii. Map could be filtered by staff, discipline (social work, spiritual care, aide, nurse) iv. Map could further include real-time of staff locations in the field. b. Improvement of patient care issues i. Improvement in the amount of time that nurses can spend with patients 1. Decrease drive time by improving awareness of patient and staff locations 2. Improve response time so that closest staff member can respond to triage calls ii. Enhancing communication and coordination of care on unit iii. Provide awareness to all staff of locations and schedules so that visits can overlap or not overlap as needed 1. Improve staff safety by providing up to date location of staff should emergency situation arise IV. Steps to implementation a. Determine accurate location of required information in EMR b. Confirm all field staff have employer issued cell phones with location tracking service c. Determine potential areas of poor cellular reception and potential effect on interactive map d. Build interactive map with IT department e. Educate field staff scheduler and managers on use of interactive map for scheduling needs f. Consider opening availability of access to interactive map for all team members V. Regulations/Ethics a. Interactive map must require login and password to maintain security of PHI b. Employees should be given the option or encouraged to turn of location tracking during non-work hours