International Baccalaureate

Topic: In knowledge there is always a trade-off between accuracy and simplicity”. Evaluate this statement in relation to two AOK (areas of knowledge)
Pages: 6
Sources: 5
Format: APA
his is a Theory of Knowledge essay.
Areas of knowledge to be used: Mathematics and natural science
My teacher suggests: Is it really the there is ALWAYS a trade off? Be careful to think hard about what simplicity vs. complexity and accuracy/inaccuracy really mean. Don’t they need some standard – accurate compared to what? For what purpose?Plan:
Paragraph 1
–Give your KQ: To what extent there is always a trade off between simplicity and accuracy in mathematics and natural science?–State your thesis. What is your short answer to the KQ (your question of knowledge).
–Give us a roadmap, a sentence that gives us a preview, showing us what you’re going to do in your body paragraphs. Make it clear how you are going to explore the KQ, which Ways of Know­ing and/or Areas of Knowl­edge you’re going to use. This will make it easy for the marker to know what to look for.
Paragraph 2(aok -mathematics)
–Claim. A claim a topic sen­tence that outlines your argument about the KQ.
–Explain. Elaborate and clarify your claim.
–Example. A real life example, to clar­ify and sup­port the claim from your own experience. Examples should be specific, precise and real (something personal would be great).
Paragraph 3 (aok- mathematics)
–Counter-claim. Argue against your claim above.
–Example. An example that supports your counter claim.
–Link to KQ. Quickly sum up the (complicated) insights of this section.
Paragraph 4 (aok – athematics)
The same structure as paragraph 2 but with a different claim and example.
Paragraph 5 (aok – mathematics)
The same structure as paragraph 3 but with a different counter claim and example.
Paragraphs 6, 7 (aok – natural science)
The same structure as paragraphs 2,3 but using different Area of knowledge (natural science) and with different claim/counter claim and examples.
Paragraphs 8, 9 (aok – natural science)
The same structure as in paragraphs 6, 7 (the same AOK) but using different claim/counter claim and examples.
Paragraph 10
–Implications and significance. Why is it important that we know about this?
–Perspective. Explain another view that someone may have (i.e. an older person, someone who’s had different life experiences than you)
–Sum up the argument. The thesis again, in short.
End of the plan.
These are the web sites on which you can find the criteria for the essay and how it should be written (please have a look at them before writing):
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