Is it cheating or this is just an academic wiring help?

There are debates globally about the ethical issues or legalities that surround the academic writing. There are a group of people who think that this is a non-ethical issue, they claim that custom writing services perpetuate cheating and fraudsters. I think however think different. I believe that this a legit help that the professional writers accord the students. Only those who do not go why the student seek these services. Some of the reasons why students seek the services of the writers is either they don’t have time to work on their assignments. Another thing could be that they have different abilities. You find that there are people in UK and USA who are good in spoken language and poor in the written version of the same language. Why would these people be denied a chance to use other people to help them express themselves? This is also the same for those in CND. It is because of the same reasons that next time I need help, I will just check for the words “write my essay for me US.” This is very legit.