Is the emphasis of literacy and numeracy in the National Curriculum appropriate for children in Key Stage 1 of primary education?

The dissertation is trying to find out whether or not there is too much focus and emphasis on literacy and numeracy in the national curriculum. Although literacy is more focused on than numeracy but they are both the focal point of education – what can be the implication for this? Are children missing out on learning about citizenship, RE, music and arts because of this. Is this hindering children full potential. Or perhaps the emphasis is appropriate but the content of the study is too much, too soon for children of key stage one.
The essence of this dissertation is to find out if the national curriculum has too much emphasis on literacy and numeracy. I am of the opinion that literacy and numeracy is beneficial in the real world and the skills gained from these subjects can help a children grasp well developed concepts throughout their lives however for children in key stage one, it may all be too much too soon.
I want the dissertation to find the pros and cons of the emphasis of literacy and numeracy in KS1. It needs to be CRITICAL AND ANALYTICAL – this is very important because this is what has been reiterated during my time at university. Critiquing is what gets the higher grades!
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