Using the Internet, research about interactive sociotechnical analysis (ISTA) and the five different types of sociotechnical issues. Based on your research, create a 6- to 8-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:
• An introduction and explanation of human factors and sociotechnical issues in medical informatics
• An overview of the ISTA model
• Key features of the ISTA model
• Descriptions of the five types of sociotechnical interactions
• Unintended consequences for each type of sociotechnical interaction
• An in-depth description of any one of the five types of sociotechnical interaction factors from the ISTA model, including a rationale as to why the selected issue is important
• A hypothetical example of a medical informatics issue at play for the sociotechnical issue you selected
• A summary statement relevant to ISTA emphasizing on unintended consequences