Labor analysis

Econ Article Example 1InstructionsThroughout the semester, you will need to submit a short economic analysis on an article of your choice. The article should relate to the agriculture industry. Look at the attached assignment as an example of the expectations. Check your syllabus for article due dates (Generally the 4th, 8th and 12th week are the due dates). Here are your goals…1) Find an article (preferably online) that has an economic “flavor” to it. This means, there is content whereby you can evaluation the economic implications.2) In a word processor (MS word is my favorite) do the following.a) Paste the internet address to the article you had found. Make sure the link is live (meaning when I click on it, it goes to the web site)!b) Write a full page analyzing the economics implications of the article. Make sure you use a size 12 “professional” font.c) Save the word document as “AGBS B2 Article 1, Your Last Name First Initial”d) Upload this article into moodle by the due date.3) The next page has an example to take a look at. Econ Article Example 2 Economics PaperIn the article “Who are the hungry?” published on the website Word Food Program (WFP) it discusses the issue of world hunger all around the world. It is known that there is an estimated 805 million hungry people around the world (WFP). This is a big issue that has been occurring over time. There have been programs created in order to help feed those in need throughout history; however it is not enough to completely eliminate hunger. This topic ties well to agricultural economics with chapter 23 Economic Development and Food in the book Agricultural Economics. The largest number of people who suffer from hunger is located in the in the eastern hemisphere of the world, mainly in Asia and the Pacific. There are about 526 million people suffering hunger in that area and about 227 million in Africa (WFP). Many of these areas are on rural areas where the villages are overwhelmingly dependent on agriculture for their food, and are limited to the amount of income that comes in to their households. The most common people to suffer hunger among rural areas are woman, for cultural ways of thinking. Many people believe that the male must eat first before the woman and children can. It is not an issue of a shortage of food that is causing the world to suffer hunger but it is rather other factors that need to be attended.The reason why there is still hunger around the world is due to poor infrastructure of the way food is distributed to the rest of the world according to Evan Drummond on the book Agricultural Economics (374). In order to minimize the world hunger the way that food is delivered and distributed around the world needs to be improved and restructured. Most of the food produced in the world comes from the United States and can easily feed several people around the world, however without a proper system to distribute that food to other nations in need around the world, people will continue to suffer hunger for their rest of their lives.