Leadership Development:

Task Details
Read the provided document with information about the leadership development programme and answer below questions
The actual questions are in bold:
Question 1:

  • Why are you applying to join our Leadership Development Programme?

We recommend that in your answer you consider:
· The Teach First vision
· The unique and challenging nature of the programme
· Our ambassador community
Question 2:

  • When and how have you taken personal responsibility and exceeded expectations to ensure success for yourself and/or others?

You will need to be an effective leader in order to have a positive impact on your students and in your school.
Question 3:

  • Select one of our competencies and provide an example of when you think that you have effectively demonstrated that competency.

This is your chance to give us your best example of a competency you excel in. Think about how to structure your response. You could use CAR (provide Context for the situation; focus on what Actions you took, and include what the Result was).
Pick only ONE of the following:
· Humility, Respect, and Empathy
· Interaction
· Understanding and Motivation
· Leadership
· Planning and organising
· Problem Solving
· Resilience
· Self- Evaulation
Question 4:

  • Are there any other experiences you have had which you feel are relevant to our competencies and would like us to be aware of? Please note that this is an optional question.