Lesson Ten Final Exam. AKA Assignment "Drone Seat"

Upload your completed final as a Word document below. This final exam is not a Q&A. It is a cumulative paper, not about a religion, but about religion in general. It draws on your experience researching and compiling data for the class, and arranging it in a coherent manner, to describe the various elements of religion in a persuasive way. When you tackle this final exam paper you do not need to do any more research but you will have four tasks that might prove just as challenging. You not only CAN use items you used before in shorter essays, Term Paper, etc. but you SHOULD attempt to use them as examples and to bolster your argument, if they can serve that way. First the scenario. It is April 2018. You are attending university and are here tonight, for just one more class. When you get to class you are surprised to find out that those stories about martians are true, and the conquest of earth by them is imminent. You are the only Humanities student on campus that night, studying Comparative Religion. You are surrounded by gamers, cyber security wonks, network people, and database administrators. Fortunately the Coleman drone club has paid off and they tell you they can transport 100,000 people to a new planet. 99,999 places are already filled. They will take you but only if you can do 4 things. There is no specified length. Write what you need to address all four elements. 1. Tell them what religion is (not a definition, just get the message across) 2. Tell them why it matters 3. Give them examples of elements of religion that add value to humanity 4. Describe what you think the future will be if they have a society of scientists, computer experts, database administrators and gamers, who have no religion at all. You should not attempt to persuade them to adopt any specific religion, and in fact you might think they are better off without a religion. But your job is to persuade them that it is important to either have, or know about, religion. Tell them either how societies have benefitted from religion (you have studied many such societies in this course) or how ignorance of religion can have a negative impact. (There are countless examples in history of antireligious societies. These have generally been murderous regimes such as the Soviets, Nazis, Khmers Rouges or the North Koreans). Your grade (and chances of getting onboard the Coleman Escape Drone) will be dependent on how compelling a case you can make, and how well you support it. You do not have to use external sources, but if you do, the usual citation rules apply (APA).