Management and operations

Management and operations
Case study
The Ford Motor Co. founded in 1903, designs, develops, manufactures and services cars and trucks across six continents under the Ford and Lincoln brands names. The company also provides services and products in the areas of maintenance, collision, vehicle accessories and extended services warranties under the genuine ford parts. Ford custom accessories and motor craft brand names. The organisation, headquartered in Deaborn, MI, employs more than 166000 people and operates 70 plants worlds wide.

  • Differentiate between the role of a leader and the functions of a manager
  • As an associate manager, you have been asked to write a report on operational situations faced by the managers and leaders in the light of various operational models to provide better response in different situations.
  • As an associate manager, you are asked to prepare a business report to the ford headquarter that shows how leaders and managers can improve efficiency of operations to meet business objectives successfully: explain the key approaches to management and role that leaders and managers play at functional areas of Ford