Marketing within Global Economy

Marketing within Global Economy
Project question
Analyse potential impact of the Brexit on a company originating outside of the European Union and trading on the EU market. What kind of benefits and threats could it face? Develop a strategy it could use to exploit potential opportunities and avert threats?
Project specifications
1. Identify and describe theory behind the trade integration. Support your analysis with statistical data on trade in different areas like goods, services etc between the EU-27 and the UK.
2. Identify possible models of economic relations between the UK and EU-27 after the Brexit. Use as examples current EU economic cooperation agreements with third countries.
3. Identify theoretical opportunities and threats posed by the Brexit which the company could face in different scenarios.
4. Design a strategy which could exploit potential opportunities and avert threats. This strategy should be rooted in analysis performed in points 1, 2 and 3.
Word count:
2500 words