Mental Health Legislation for the Independent Advocacy Role

Mental Health Legislation for the Independent Advocacy Role
Task details.
The learner can:
1.1 explain the principles that underpin mental health legislation
1.2 explain the difference between patients who are in hospital subject
to compulsion under mental health legislation and informal patients
1.3 explain what is meant by treatment within mental health legislation
1.4 explain the roles of key professionals within mental healthlegislation.
2.1 explain the process that has to be followed to forcibly take an individual from the community to hospital for assessment or treatment
2.2 identify the requirements for admittance to hospital under the relevant sections of the Mental Health Act
2.3 explain the powers the police have to take an individual to a place of safety.
3.1 describe nurses and doctors holding powers
3.2 explain the sections that relate to the criminal justice system
3.3 explain community treatment orders
3.4 explain the use of a Guardianship order
3.5 explain a range of special rules within mental health legislation
which affect children and young people.