Nursing Practice

Task Details
You are to write a care study. This can be based on either one of the scenarios provided or you may select a patient(s) of interest from your practice experience and relevant to your field of practice. The essay will draw upon relevant theoretical concepts supporting the shared decision making process in the assessment planning and interventions to meet the patient’s / client’s needs. You will include a critical review of the patient’s complex needs using a bio-psychosocial perspective and demonstrate how effective shared decision making may prevent deterioration/crisis, enhance coping and/or recovery or contribute to good end of life care. You will consider the nurse’s role where dependency levels change and where there needs to be care escalation, referring to the use of appropriate assessment skills to identify risk.
In evaluating the planning and delivery of nursing care (including therapeutic interventions) you will need to discriminate between the research evidence available to support the care proposed.
A systematic approach in assessment and care delivery must be evident with reference to national and /or professional guidelines to support shared decisions.
Patient: Mr Peterson is a 63 year old African – Caribbean man who has Diabetes type 2 and hypertension ( more details on the case study provided)
2000 word (+/- 10% excluding reference list)
Use the structure provided.