Occupational Health Issues

Occupational Health Issues
Assignment Description:
For an EU Member State of your choice identify the emerging occupational health issues which are likely to impact upon the health of the workforce into the future. Discuss the mechanisms which exist to identify emerging occupational health issues within the member state and across the EU. Review the current literature on the emerging issues and evaluate the impact of changes in demography, industrial structure and labour markets on occupational health issues*. Produce an evidenced based intervention strategy to ameliorate the impact of emerging occupational health issues, this should include proposals of the possible action available to be taken by all key actors and stake holders, both Governmental and non-governmental.
*could be mental ill health
Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)
a. Critically evaluate social, demographic and industrial influences on occupational safety, health and well-being.
b. Access and interpret relevant injury and ill-health data to make recommendations for prioritisation of intervention.
c. Make judgements on alternative strategies to manage workplace safety and health risks.
d. Formulate and communicate intervention strategies addressing workplace health and safety risks.