Operations Management

Operations Management
Can you please describe your work?
Assessment criteria:
• Identify the nature of operations management
• Analyse the processes of operations management
• Analyse management approaches to operations management
• Apply operations management to gaining customers and competing
Can talk about:
Kotler’s 3 level of product graph
• Core benefit or product/service
• Tangible Product – Features, Quality
• Augmented Product – Warranty, After sales service
Order Qualifiers
Characteristics of a product or service that are required for them even to be considered by a customer. For example: being able to fly directly to a destination airport and the safety.
Order Winners
Those characteristics which directly contribute to winning business from customers. For example the speed of delivery
An operation can be explained as a transformation process which changes inputs into outputs and adds value for customers. Therefore operations management is the planning and organising of the delivery of services. In essay format, analyse and evaluate how operations management within the aviation industry helps to gain customers and allow airlines and airports to compete.
1500 words