Select an administration system that might be implemented by an organisation and complete the activities below.
The systems should relate to:

  • Personnel management (e.g. A system that calculates and manages employees ‘annual leave),
  • Financial management (e.g. A system that tracks and follows-up outstanding payments), or
  • Data collection (e.g. A system that can be used to collect customers’ feedback), or
  • Data analysis (e.g. A system that can be used to analyse sales trends), or
  • Information sharing (e.g. A system that can be used to ensure that any changes to organisational procedures are communicated to all an organisation’s departments/ staff), or
  • Record-keeping (e.g. A system that stores customers’ information and buying history)


  1. Write a Request for Quotation for the development and supply of that system. Include:
  • Details of your organisation (e.g. Who you are and what you do)
  • A description of the system required
  • Detailed information about the system requirements
  • The timeline for system implementation
  • How their quotation should be submitted
  • How their quotation should be formatted
  • A request for details about post-purchase costs, such as technical support, maintenance, and the ongoing costs of operation
  • The date by which their quotation should be received
  • Who to contact if they need more information
  1. Create an action plan, to do list, checklist, flow chart or Gantt chart for the

implementation of the administration system.

  1. Identify 2 problems that might be encountered when implementing the system and explain how these problems can be prevented and dealt with (e.g. contingency plans).
  2. Identify a core process for your selected system, and explain why it is necessary (why change?), and what it aims to achieve.
  3. For the process you have identified, write a procedure that outlines how achieve the desired outcomes. Include details about:
  • what to do
  • what not to do
  • how to do it
  • when it should be done
  • who should do it
  • what resources are available
  • what the expected results are
  1. List any concerns you (or others) may experience relating to this change.
  2. Explain how you (or your organisation) could better prepare, train and support staff throughout the changes?
  3. Research and explain what security precautions your organisation should take with the new system. Make recommendations as to how the security can be improved.
  4. Find out what privacy laws your state or territory is governed by, name them, and summarise how they relate to your identified system.
  5. Design a survey that could be used to identify the training needs of employees in relation to administration systems.