Persuasive Research

All of the papers in this class have been focused toward developing your writing skill for this essay. This paper is structured to bring your analytic, close reading, and persuasive skills to bear upon a topic that you will craft into a thesis then investigate using, outside sources, and make into a persuasive argument. You may choose an author’s life, themes within particular works, certain historical periods or even works of two authors. There must be at least 5 secondary sources and a Works Cited Page (in MLA Format): Failure to have your citations and in have them in correct MLA form will result in a substantially lower grade!!
Biographical: Examine how an author’s life or experience shaped his or her writing. Although you may refer to several different works of art, you should try focus upon, and to use, one main text or work to illustrate your point. authors: William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor, Edgar Allan Poe,Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Alice Munro,Tim O’Brien, or Ernest Heminway, your choice of one.
Develop a clear and persuasive thesis (this is not a book report!). Also, do not use unreliable sources such as Wikipedia [for an idea of what a credible source is, consider the journals we looked at with the librarian]. Make certain that you have a solid and compelling thesis. Remember to introduce your quotes or follow them with a tag line of your own writing to weave the quoted material into your essay; follow MLA guidelines; uses transitions between paragraphs; keep your tone academic. Pick a subject you are interested in researching, for it will make your essay more interesting for both of us.