Phase 3: Analyzing the Aggregate Strengths and Weaknesses and Phase 4: Risk Assessment

For Phase 3 of the Capstone project, analyze and describe the strengths and weaknesses of the aggregate and the community where the aggregate resides.
Be sure to apply Mobilize, Assess, Plan, Implement, Track (MAP-IT) in your assessment process.
Phase 4: Risk Assessment
For Phase 4 of your project, you will select a family in your aggregate and complete a risk assessment in the field using the information from chapter 18 “Community as Client: Assessment and Analysis” and “Appendix E Friedman Family Assessment Model (Short Form)”. Describe how the family, environment, home, and risk assessments were conducted. Describe the results of the assessments, drawing conclusions about the health risks to the aggregate as you see them.
Combine Phase 3 and Phase 4 documents into one paper. Use bold sub-headings in the paper to distinguish Phase 3 from Phase 4.
The aggregate is: Diabetic patients who live in the town of “Bay Harbor Islands”, Miami Dade County, Florida, between 20 to 59 years old.
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