poor social media presents (advertising), lack of strong marketing strategies and weak promotional tools for my events.

Order Description: please note this assignment is for event management diploma course.
my focus will be the following topic:
poor social media presents (advertising), lack of strong marketing strategies and weak promotional tools for my events.
i will send you the course layout and see below the assignment layout how it should be.
introduction:Â a brief introduction to your chosen topic area; event and business which it relates to
aim:Â what is the aim of your assessment i.e. what is the specific event and the problem/issue that you will be discussing
objectives: you may want to break your aim up into 2 or 3 objectives that are specific to your work, by answering these objectives you will have answered your aim.Â
provide a context for your business selection and event:Â what is the context i.e. is it an event that you have worked on/plan to work on/have a idea about etc.
identify your issue/problem: working with the problem/issue that you have identified in the aim, you may want to elaborate on it further as the objectives and context may raise additional issues now and this will now create a better flow for your problem/issue to make more sense to the reader [you may not want to use this section unless you have a complicated idea].Â
resolve the issue identified:Â what exactly do you plan to do to answer your problem?Â
use relevant theory from the module to link to the practice and issue discussed: this section should focus on the work of drucker (creative imitation or entrepreneurial judo)
utilise a maximum of 3 different theories including your choice of an entrepreneurial strategy. use specific theories that are the ‘best fit’ to support your work this could be vocational theory, ‘real-world’ theory or any further evidence to support the aboveÂ
conclusion and recommendations:Â what are your conclusions and do you have any further recommendations e.g. is another event uses their own form of entrepreneurial judo to win back the event what might you do next time
about the problem part i would suggest talking about one of these topics only