Project Management to improve a bridge

Description of the project and aims 10% – 100 word description of the project, to include the need it will address, the key beneficiaries and the main activities of the project.  Assume you are writing this for someone who knows NOTHING about the Barkantine Estate.   In addition to the 100 word description, this section must contain a short statement of the main aims of the project.  The aims are not part of the 100 word count.(Mine is to improve a bridge to benefit the community. For example, so that the community can access the park safely. But you I need think about ways of engaging the community on this project so that it is more than just bridge improvements – to make the park work better, to make people feel more a sense that the park is ‘theirs’ the bridge improvements might have art, planting, design input from the community
Project Activity 10% – This section should describe precisely what the project will do, what its activities will be, how it will work.  If your project is a physical one, the section should have a list of the main areas of improvement.  If you are running activity, you should describe the main activities, for example:
Provide IT training for women returning to work
Run an outreach programme to make contact with women who may wish to return to work
And so on…
Stakeholders – 20% Who is involved, who is the lead agency, what type of organisation is it, and who are the partners, and what are their roles?  This should be a comprehensive list of the main stakeholders and must include a brief description of each and their role in the project.
Community Profile – 50% provide a profile of the community you want to benefit from your project.  This should include:  demographic information about that community; what other resources are available; what the community itself wants (use the consultation information provided) and how that all translates into the need for your project.  You must make a direct link between the needs you have identified in this section of the assignment and the project.  How will the project meet the needs you have identified? What needs/ problems/ issues will the project address and how will it do that.  How do you know the need exists, and how do you know the project will meet those needs?
Context – 10% How does the project ‘fit’ with other initiatives?  Links with local, regional and national strategies or priorities. Beneficiaries – Who will benefit?  How have you consulted/plan to consult. You will need to have lots of detail here, demonstrating you have thought it through. Include consultation plan and communications plan.  Who, how, what?
Impact – What will your project achieve, what will be the lasting impact of the project? These should be clearly referenced
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