Project Report Analysis.

Assignment Question Critically analyse the Planning Student’s reports for the ‘Green Space Task Group
The Planning Students have been provided with a brief and have produced their report in the first semester of this academic year. (The report will be provided).
It is now the turn of the management school students to provide input from a managerial perspective on the ‘Green Space’ initiatives proposed. Bringing together all of the knowledge you have developed over the course of the workshops, utilising the evidence collected for these and further evidence collected by yourself, critically examine the Planning Student reports. Remember to utilise the analytic techniques that you have been introduced to over the course of the module (though we are interested in the output from these techniques, not how you utilised them).
This is a very typical work activity in a management setting where technical specialists provide a set of recommendations based upon their specialism and then a management team will need to look at the feasibility and implementation of the recommendations. No more than 2500 words. This will require you to demonstrate the succinct (compact) writing skills that are required in writing executive summaries in industry. The report should have page numbers inserted. The fairly small word-count means that you should cut out all the waffle (waste) and deliver carefully crafted words (value).
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