Psychic Prison

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Hi this is a social work reflective essay on Psychic prison. I would like for someone who truly understand the concept of psychic prison to take on this assignment. Because this is a reflective essay, I would like the writer to write this paper as though they were me. Meaning if there is any story that need to be changed, manipulated or added just to fit in the concept of your writing, please do so. Please this assignment is worth so much marks. Try to include all the concept that has been specified in the assignment, into your writing. I have attached quotes from my text book and course readings, please try and see if any of the quote fits into your writing. For every quote that you pick, I will advice that you paraphrase them and still attach their page number (just for my own personal use). APA guildelines: Please I would recommend for the writer to add page numbers on every in-text citation. Whether it is direct quote, paraphrased or summarized. This will allow me to refer back to where the concept or idea is coming from. Here is a reference of my text book, in case you want to add it to your reference list: Mills, A. J, Simmons, T., & Helms Mills, J. (2005). Reading Organization Theory: Critical Approaches to the Study of Behaviour and Structure in Organizations (3rd edition), Toronto: Garamond Press. Mullaly, R. P. (2007). The new structural social work. Oxford University Press. Attached documents: I have attached a document of my story that involves my social location and the approach that I picked. Please if my story or critical approach that I picked doesn’t fit in. you can always pick a different approach and write a different story. (just let me know the approach you picked) I have also attached Different Approches to the study of organizational behaviour and structure. This will help you understand the approach that I picked. Please review all the quotes, that I have attached in the document, to see if they fit in your writing. Add definitions of terms used. Please let me know if you have any questions.