• Read and take notes on the assigned article (Read Only Participants…). • APA Template: How to set up an APA template: • Plan a summary that meets the 500-750 word count. There are rubric deductions for going well over (> 20 words) or falling short the required word count. • Organization: Each section is its own paragraph o Introduction: Hook statement, research problem, research questions, purpose statement (this is different from the purpose of the research. You are simply summarizing). o The Research Methodology: How was this research study conducted? What data was collected and how was it collected? Use terms like mixed, qualitative, and qualitative. o The Findings: What were the results of the study? What conclusions did the authors make from conducting the study? What are the keys to success in online education? o Implications: What can a new graduate student learn from this article? What future research should be done to further our knowledge and understanding of the concept examined in this study? • In text citations: Your in text citations will ONLY be: o yv the first time that you cite the source in text. o And (Nagel et al., 2009) for subsequent in text citations. • This is the only reference you need to have on your reference page: o Nagel, L., Blignaut, A. S., & Cronje, J. C. (2009). Read-only participants: A case for student communication in online classes. Interactive Learning Environments, 17(1), 37-51. • Do NOT use direct quotes. Instead, paraphrase. If you ignore me and use direct quotes, use quotation marks around the sentence or phrase and then include the page number after the year of publication in your citation. Ex: The authors found that “some students showed resilience in coping” with problems that occurred outside of the classroom (Nagel, Blignaut, & Cronje, 2009, p. 44). If you do use direct quotes, you will need to edit the Turnitin setting before final submitting. See link below. • Understand Turnitin: • Review your Turnitin report prior to submitting your essay to be graded. Your Turnitin % should be under 20% including direct quotes. Look over what was picked up by Turnitin. If quotation marks are needed or if sentences need to be revised, please do this before submitting your work to be graded. If your assignment is 20% or more, I will reassign it and you will need to revise it and resubmit it with a 20% TII score deduction or you might be subject to a penalty. • Submit your paper on time. It is due on Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. but it is much better to submit it early. I find that submitting tasks on Sunday night allow me to have less stress as an online student and professional with work responsibilities to juggle. Do NOT use: • Direct Quotes • Do NOT use 1st or 2nd person pronouns or phrases in your writing. Instead of saying, “I think that the authors created a valid study” you could simply say, “The authors created a valid study.” Your direct statements will show what you think, feel, and believe. • Do NOT get off track or by make personal reflections or editorials about online education in general. Simply Summarize • DO NOT reference the references used in the article (such as the articles by Beaudoin, Klemm, and Swan that you have not read for yourself). • Do NOT title your essay, “Read-only participants” since it is the title of the published article that you read. Instead, you can simply use the title “Article Summary” for this task. Better yet, be creative!