Religion, media and society

This a final exam for Media, religion and society course. The description of the exam attached on here but I want to highlight some points. YOU MUST have knowledge in writing literature review as it’s very important. The sources should from academic library and books. The professor want us to choose a topic of our choice as long as it one of the topics discussed in the class (The attached documents) For example: pick a minority religion in the United States for your topic and analyze it in terms of Orientalism, Semiotics and Secularisation regarding this religion. How media portrays that particular religion. Do not choose Islam for this paper but you can bring it in discussion and use it as example. The topic should talk about this issue in the United States only! I have attached the materials we have studied in the class to give you an idea what was the class about, but do not use them as a source, we only allowed to use outside sources. There are some films and movies also that we have watched including: – Smoke Signals film -Fordson: Faith, Fasting, Football – Feature Length Documentary -Jesus camp. The paper should be in this form: 1-Introduction 2-Literature review 3-Contribution 4-Discussion 5-Conclusion And of course the works cited page
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