Research Paper

Importance of conclusion in research paper
A conclusion is the last main division of a write-up, usually summing up the points, and a statement of opinions and decisions reached. When writing a research paper, the conclusion is as important as the introduction. This is the last impression the reader receives after reading your essay and your arguments. It is the first last impression.
The conclusion is the summary of your arguments. It reminds the reader of your stand in that particular discussion. This is where most people will clearly state their position with a punch. This has to come out very clearly, though.
Introducing new and different ways, of thinking about the research problem. This is not introducing new information; rather it offers insight and other creative approaches to framing the research solely based on your research topic.

Restating your thesis is rather important. Your conclusion reminds the reader that you have proven your thesis over the course of your paper. The conclusion further acts as a bridge in reflecting the relationship you have developed with the reader during the paper.
It is a call for action. It tells the reader what the reader wants them to do. The aim of a research paper is to make the reader think in a certain manner. The conclusion is where this is depicted. A reader will either be convinced or unconvinced depending on your conclusion. According to the University of North Carolina –Conclusions, a conclusion should be able to communicate to the reader by making them doubt their own beliefs or firmly grasp to their ideas.
According to literacy education online, a conclusion is merely the last part paragraph. It is one of the most working parts of the paper. This is justifiable by the fact that a conclusion pushes the reader to think about the consequences of your topic for the wider world or for the readers own life.

In conclusion, a conclusion is meant to make the reader understand why your research should even matter to them after they have completed reading the research paper. It should be more than a summary of the main topics covered or a repeat of the statement of the research problem. It should be an anchor for the key points and even, if possible, a recommendation for new areas of future research. One paragraph is enough for a good conclusion though in some cases a two or three paragraph is advised.