Research skills

Can you please describe your work?
Need to write an Essay on the “Philosophical approach to research”
1. Compare and contrast the different philosophical approaches to research in the context of business or management
Very briefly explain the 3 branches of philosophy: ontology, epistemology and axiology. Use these to compare and contrast the 4 research philosophies (positivism, critical realism, interpretivism and pragmatism (with reference to literature)
2. Explain how this different perspective (beliefs) underpin different method of enquire.
Explain how these 4 different research philosophies underpin different methodological choice i.e quantitative, qualitative, mix or multi method. Link with specific strategies and data collection tools to illustrate a point in context of management and business.
3. Critically analyses the benefits and disadvantages f these alternative approaches/method
With reference to literature, put forward the argument for and against the different philosophical approaches and methodological choices (quant, qual, mix etc) where appropriate give examples of strategies or data collection tools illustrate your point I the context of management and business.
4. Appraise the current thinking of research approach.
With referent to literature consider whether there has been a change to the approach to research in management and business, Is one approach considered more appropriate than another, currently is there a dominant.