Retail Manufacturing Logistics

Paper details

The course I am doing is supply chain management and the module for the assignment is retail manufacturing logistics. I am required to write a report on the following topic Compare and contrast the inventory challenges associated with traditional store formats and e-retailing within the UK grocery market. Appraise the relative strengths and weaknesses of competing software and planning tools to address these challenges. I have included the guidelines of how the report should be done and structured in the additional materials. I have included a PowerPoint in the additional material which has information about the retail market and the different grocery stores it strengths and weaknesses etc.. it’s very important to relate the different grocery stores throughout the report by following the guidelines given in the additional material. The report should also be linked to QR (Quick Response), ECR , CPFR , ERP, Advanced planning systems , inventory optimisation, OSA and OOS . It is very important that these are mentioned and linked to the stores throughout the report whilst following the guidelines. It is very important that the report is linked to different grocery stores within the UK which are included in the PowerPoint along with following the guidelines.