Risk: Perception and Management

Risk: Perception and Management
Task Details:
This assignment requires you to produce a case study portfolio relating to the risk perception for the particular safety and/or health and/or environmental hazards associated with the scenario: Urban cycle tracks
Description of the task
The portfolio should have the following individual components

  1. Critique of the safety and/or health and/or environmental risk perception by different stakeholders involved (40%)
  2. Synthesis of evidence in the form of a briefing note for a particular peer/stakeholder (for e.g. policy maker or general public or corporate client) to decide on the “best policy” (40%)
  3. The development and presentation of ONE piece of publicity material such as a leaflet or poster addressing your perception of risk for the particular hazard under consideration related to the chosen scenario (20%)

The percentages represent the desired distribution of literature/input/content under each component towards the entire work.
Word count:
Your assessment should be up to 3000 words excluding references, titles, figure/table captions and text in tables.