"Rockwater Insurance" case

“Rockwater Insurance” case

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Consider the “Rockwater Insurance” case and prepare your responses to the following questions: In our first class, we discussed the types of issues and challenges that Organizational Behavioural tries to understand and address. Identify three issues in the Rockwater Insurance case that are related to Organizational Behaviour (i.e. people issues, or situations requiring the use of ‘soft skills’) Explain how the issues you identified in Question 1 will affect teamwork, performance or organizational success at Rockwater Insurance. What are the potential positive or negative outcomes of these issues? Describe what you think needs to happen next to deal with this situation. Which individuals need to take action? Describe in some detail what you think each should do, and why. Examples: What specific actions should be taken? What decisions need to be made, and why? What should needs to be discussed, and with whom? etc. What improvements or results do you expect to see as a result of your proposed action plan You must follow the Grading criteria file one by one, other wise the work will be returned.