Smokers Interview

Smokers Interview: Interview someone who has quit smoking. Or you may answer questions yourself if you have quit smoking. Please interview, re-type the questions and report your findings back via assignment submission box which will be located under your weekly assignment.. Except for question 2, answers must be written in full sentences with proper grammar and punctuation. Please use the following questions: Did you use any products to help you quit smoking? If so what were they. How did they help, if at all? Any side effects? 4 sentences or more How long since you have stopped smoking? 1 or more answers Tell me what you experienced as you tried to quit smoking. 3 sentences or more 2. Now that you have quit, discuss some of the positives or negatives in your life that resulted from your quitting. 4 sentences or more 3. Please come up with 3 additional questions on your own. 3 sentences or more for each question. 4. As a student, what was the most surprising thing you learned or what did you learn that you didn’t know before. 4 sentences or more.