Social Media Marketing

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1. Pick Your Company: Pick a company to research. Make sure that it is large enough to have enough data to make it easy to research. Locate the following information about the company you have selected to research: Annual Report Company Website Company News Articles Company Press Releases Articles about the company and its major competitors Research your organization to determine the past, present, and likely future of the industry and the company’s track record with that industry. Write the “Brief Overview” section of your Social Media Marketing Plan. 3. Assess Company’s Social Media Presence: View the following links. Free tools you can use to help evaluate your company’s social media presence for this assignment: Topsy: Brand Networks: Semrush: Alexa: Hubspot’s Marketing Grader: Write the “Social Media Presence” portion of your Social Media Marketing Plan. 4. Competitive Analysis and SWOT: Conduct a social media SWOT analysis of your business. Write the Competitive Analysis section of your Social Media Marketing Plan. 5. Goals and Strategies: Write the Goals and Strategies section of your Social Media Marketing Plan. 6. Target Market and Tools: Research to determine the target audience of the business. Create personas within the organization’s target audience. Identify the social media platforms for each of the personas within the target audience. Write the Target Market and Tools sections of your Social Media Marketing Plan. 7. Actionable Tactics: Develop actionable social-media tactics to implement each of the social media platforms that were identified in the “Tools” section of the plan. Write the Platform-Specific Tactics and Tools portion of the Implementation section of your Social Media Marketing Plan. 8. Content Development and Assignments: Write the Content Development and Assignments portions of the Implementation section of your Social Media Marketing Plan. Executive Summa Write the executive summary for your social media-marketing plan. An executive summary provides a synopsis of the entire plan that highlights the most important points of the proposed Internet Marketing Plan. It gives others (i.e., employees, financers, etc.) a concise picture of what you are going to do and how you are going achieve it. Just like a regular marketing plan, an Internet marketing plan should have an overall summary. The executive summary of the entire Internet Marketing plan will be the first section of the plan, but is the last section written.