SOURCE ANALYSIS on Discovering Western Past Chapter 9 new Imperilism chaper 10

For each source analysis question, you will write at least 3 full pages and double-space, using 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Use standard default margins: top and bottom, 1 inch; left and right, 1.25 inches. You will save your paper as a .doc or .docx file and submit it to the assignment link. The source analysis should be an examination of the source, NOT A SUMMARY OF IT!!! Think about who wrote the source and why it was written. Who was the audience? What were the main issues, and how do they elucidate our understanding of an event or issue? What questions are left unanswered by the source? How does this source either reveal a problem or help solve an area of contention? Does the source represent a particular bias? How are these sources useful? To whom would they have been useful? Are they reliable? What evidence supports the source? What evidence contradicts it? The Source Analysis Assignments are meant to build your skills analyzing primary sources and relating them to their historical context. You will learn about the historical context from the materials on our course site and your textbooks. You do not need to consult any outside sources – in fact, you SHOULD NOT consult outside sources. Please do not submit chunks of quotations from the primary sources – at best you should use only little snippets of 4-5 words interwoven into your own sentences. Do not forget to both quote and cite words that are not your own. Read Chapters 9 & 10 of Wiesner to select your sources. chapter 9 Expansion of Public Knowledge Debate over New Imperialism, Woman Hood Nationalism and Womens Political Role No E Book book is Called Discovering the Western Past I can send it to you in a link of pictures of the 2 chapter