Strategic Management.

This assignment requires students to conduct a strategic analysis of both the internal and external environment relating to either one of the following companies or a company of your choice.
•           Manchester United FC
•           Ocean Park
•           Ebay
•           Amazon
•           Dyson
•           Victoria Beckham
•           Warner Bros
Students are required to examine the strategic choices facing this organisation and evaluate these choices as to their suitability, acceptability and feasibility. You should also provide a critique of contemporary strategic management research and practice within your report.
Strategic Report to Board of Directors
Please NoteEach of the following eightsections must be addressed.

  1. Executive Summary

Provide a concise summary of the key issues identified within the report.
2. Corporate Objectives
Put forward the current corporate strategy statements. Include the fundamental goals that the organisation seeks and the scope of the organisation’s activities.
3. External Analysis
Conduct both of the following tasks
3.1. Macroeconomic Analysis: Conduct a PESTLE analysis for the chosen firm.
3.2. Competitive Analysis: UtilizePorter’s Competitive Forces for your analysis.
4. Internal Analysis Strategic Capabilities
Conduct both of the following tasks
4.1. Identify what comprises strategic capabilities in terms of organisational resources and competences and how these relate to the strategies of organisations. Distinguish between basic and unique resources.
4.2. Analyze the business functions of the company
5. Basis of Competitive Strategy
5.1. Identify Key Market Segment(s) targeted within chosen business area such as age, income, and lifestyle and so on.
5.2. Analysis ofbusiness strategy: Assess business strategy in terms of the generic strategies of cost leadership, differentiation and focus through Porter’s Generic Strategy Framework.
6. Strategic Choice
In the light of the preceding sections, examine the key directions for future growth for the selected company. Evaluate which of the Ansoff product market growth strategies (given below) can be applied to the company of your choice and what the possible outcomes and entailments of the implementation of the selected Ansoff strategy (ies) are.
• Market Penetration
• New Product Development
• New Market Development
• Diversification
7. Strategy Evaluation
Choose themost appropriate option of Ansoff’s matrix for the chosen company and assess it from the perspective of its
7.1. Suitability
7.2. Acceptability
7.3. Feasibility
8. Conclusion and recommendations
8.1. Please briefly conclude the report by conducting an overall summary of the strategic issues facing the selected company.
Please respond the given statements below:
8.2. Do you think the company has been capitalizing its strengths effectively and efficiently through its strategic choices?
8.3. What is the main weakness of the company comparing with its competitors?
8.4. Do you think the company is managing the threats successfully?
8.5. Do you think there is a contradiction between the company’s vision and its strategic choices?
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