Summary and Response

Choose one of the water problems Fen Montaigne wrote about in Water Pressure. There were several, such as access (getting water from where it is to where it is needed), availability and insufficiency (in times of drought, competition for a limited resource), overuse and waste (agriculture, industry, domestic use), pollution (industrial, domestic sewage), unregulated pumping of groundwater, consequences of some technological solutions, and underpricing and undervaluing water as a resource.
Do some research and select one documentary film, TED Talk, lecture, or other presentation about your topic. You  may have to watch a few (at least partially) before selecting the one you want to use. Choose your material carefully. It will be hard to write a good summary and response from bad content.
Write a summary and response paper in which you summarize the important ideas and details from the source and develop a response. Use the guidelines from the class presentation on 11/13/17 and the summary template
provided in class to help you. Here is another document you can use  to check the content of your summary.
Your response can include information you have learned from other sources, including materials from our course, that has informed your knowledge of the subject.
This assignment is due Your summary and response should each be 1 or 2 well developed paragraphs that follow the PIE structure. Your summary should include quotes or paraphrases attributed to your source.
Include the link to the source in your paper so that I can view it. Points will be deducted for papers that do not include the source.
While there is no word count for the assignment, I expect that it would take 1/2 to one page each (double spaced)  to adequately develop the summary and response.
Your score will reflect the quality of the summary in representing the author’s ideas  and the thoroughness, clarity, and thoughtfulness of your response. I am looking for clear, specific language (not vague generalizations), PIE structure with logical organization, appropriate quotations and paraphrases, and your best effort to be grammatically accurate.