Technical Choices and creative Distribution Planning

Create Read the scenario provided in Part 1, and write a Word Document that addresses each of the five elements listed in Part 2. Write at least one paragraph per element. Part 1 Consider the following scenario. You have been given some older archival footage to use in a video for the promotion of an entertainment product or service. This footage has a 4×3 aspect ratio, is in a .mov format, and is very grainy. You need to update this video for use on several new media distribution sites, including YouTube and Instagram, that have different technical requirements. Part 2 Based on this scenario, include the following in your project: Explain which formats, codecs, aspect ratios, bit rates, and frame rates are most widely utilized for new media distribution channels such as those mentioned in the scenario. How would you alter the 4×3 footage to comply with YouTube and Instagram specifications? What format would you choose for delivery? Explain why you made these creative choices? Explain the importance of the selection of media format in this scenario, and for new media distribution in general. How would technical specifications directly impact the distribution planning for this scenario? Explain how technical specifications can affect media creation decisions.