Technology and productivity

You have been asked by the owner of the taxi firm to write a report, to demonstrate the benefits of implementing technology to increase productivity and enhance management.
To do this, prepare a report by completing the following:

  1. Write a brief introduction outlining the purpose of the report (100-150 words).
  2. Outline the current monthly figures for the drivers using your findings from task 1 and note anything interesting that the figures show. You must place your saved screenshots of your spreadsheet from task 1 to demonstrate that you have completed all required steps. You MUST include BOTH data view and formula view screenshots (150-200 words).
  3. Explain how Microsoft Office can help to increase productivity for a business (500 words).
  4. Describe three technological advancements that the business should be aware of to ensure that it does not get left behind. These may be specific to the taxi/motor vehicle industry, or to business in general. Discuss both the hardware and the software (500 words).
  5. Write a conclusion summarising the main points of your report (150-200 words).