The Fourth of July by Audre Lorde

The Fourth of July by Audre Lorde


 What is racism?

  1. On the trip to Washington, D.C., why Audre Lorde and her family not use the dining car? Why does her sister Phyllis not go to Washington on the senior trip?
  2. What happens at the ice cream parlor that shapes Audre’s understanding of the America?
  3. What does this tell you about America of the time?
  4. Why were Phyllis and Audre told “never trust white people” (222)
  5. In light of this, why was the complexion of Audre’s mother and sisters a source of speculation? (223)
  6. Marian Anderson (a famous Black singer) sang at the Lincoln Memorial after the Daughters of the Revolution refused to allow her to sing in their auditorium. What is the historical irony of this event?
  7. Why does Lorde call the Fourth of July a travesty? Is she right?

The Paranoid Style of American Policing by Ta-Nehisi Coates

  1. What does the Black Lives Matter Movement want?
  2. Does America despise Blacks, particularly Black youth?
  3. In the essay, a father calls the police to address the irrational behavior of his son who was wielding a bat. The police shot and killed the son, as well as a neighbor? Should the police have been called in the first place?
  4. Coates intimates that police should be better at mediating disputes in the Black community but are not. What is his point?
  5. Are police in urban centers there to protect the residents or protect everyone else from them? Explain