The role of Arabic as a first language in learning English as a second language among Saudi students

Students who have not had much practical experience of teaching (MA TESOL students) may alternatively…
Consider a key issue in second language learning, discuss the underlying conceptual principles as understood by various authors, and demonstrate its relevance to your developing understanding of your own experience as a second language learner (or that of somebody else).  Explain how this understanding may be of use to you in your future career as a language teacher.
Your assignment should include
• a brief critical discussion of the theoretical principles underlying the issue;
• a discussion of how current knowledge of the topic informs your understanding of your own progress in learning a second language in the past, or that of another person (you may choose to base this section on your personal reflection on your own experience as a second language.
learner, or on that of somebody else whom you have interviewed);
• a discussion of the relevance of current knowledge of the issue to a particular pedagogical context;
• a discussion of how the application of current knowledge of the subject may benefit you in your future career as a second language teaching professional working in that pedagogical  context.
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