Theorizing the Space of Literacy Practices

First, prepare to respond to Bartlett’s article “Theorizing the Space of Literacy Practices” by printing out a copy and making notes by hand. In the margins, summarize Bartlett’s concepts, underline or star key passages, as well as passages that are unclear, and/or provoke your questions. I will be checking your printed articles for annotations in class. When you’re ready to write, complete the following steps. When you’re done, your writing event should be a minimum of two full pages total – but I expect it will likely be longer!

Paper details

1) Locate definitions throughout the article for the following key words and phrases: figured worlds artifacts hybrid actors identities in practice With correct MLA in-text citation (check the Purdue OWL in the Resources page if you need guidance), write down a quote from Bartlett that defines each word/phrase. Then, explain its meaning in your own words. Please take 6-7 sources but only from the text I have provided. 2) How are these concepts applied to the ethnographic example based on Bartlett’s fieldwork in Brazil? Explain in a paragraph, using specific details from the ethnographic example. 3) Compare Bartlett’s argument about literacy with that of at least one other author we’ve read in class so far. In a paragraph explain the similarities or differences, overlap or contradictions. 4) How do your own experiences with literacy connect to Bartlett’s ideas? Explain using at least three specific examples from your own life.