Top 20 Freelance writing websites

Top 20 Freelance writing websites
Over the years, friends have always asked me to provide them with a comprehensive list of freelance writing websites. Today, I saw it prudent to provide a list of top 20 websites that they should consider applying to. These sites are either take or bid. This implies that you can either take an assignment, work on it and get paid. The bid accounts lets you submit a cover letter or write a message indicating your interest to work on the particular assignment. When it comes to bid accounts, its either support that assigns you an assignment like or the client accepts your bid like in
Below is a description of the top 50 sites

  1. Essay Writers (EW)

This is both a bid and take account. There are levels like intermediate where one is allowed to take an order. The freshman and junior accounts allows one to place a bid before being assigned an order. It offers one of the best CPP (Cost per Page).
It has numerous affiliated accounts like writersph, asiawriters

  1. Essayshark

This is a bid account. The writer has to compose a message convincing the client why they are the best to work on an order.

  1. Essayjedii

This is similar to Essayshark.

  1. Proficient Writers

This is another freeance writing site that allows the writers to place their bids on orders. It has the highest CPPs

  1. Uvocorp

This site is still one of the best freelance writing websites. It offers the best returns on the investment for the serous writers.

  1. 4writers

This site is known for very strict editors. You will be fined for forgetting to insert a comma. You should however not fear submitting your application as accounts with over 94% rating get good CPPs

  1. Writershub

This account is also known for editors who will fine you for very flimsy reasons. Their accounts are very easy to open.

  1. Writerweb

This account is less than one year old. It used to pay handsomely initially but then reduced after submitting hundreds of writers. You should however give them a trial. They will fine you 200% for orders that were done 6 months ago. Whenever you inquire about this, your emails will be ignored.

  1. Writerslabs

One of the best sites. Consider sending your application

  1. Allorders

Has very few orders throughout the years.

  1. Quality writers
  2. Bluecorps
  3. Writedom
  4. Allwriting
  5. Academia-Research
  6. Studybay
  7. Studypool
  8. Diligentwriters

Is one of the best sites I have worked for. Consider sending them your application.

  1. Academic Experts

This is a Uvocorp affiliate

  1. Livingstone Research