Topic Effectiveness of drug courts


Paper details

The paper must contain the following I. Title Page – 2 points (Should include the title of the report, whom the report was prepared for, whom it was prepared by, the class title and number, and the date of completion.) II. Table of Contents – 3 points (Should list the major divisions and subdivisions of the report with page references.) III. Abstract – 5 points IV. Body of Report – 85 points A. Introduction & Problem Statement – 10 points (Explains why the project was undertaken and a brief summary of the report.) B. Literature Review – 20 points (Summarizes the previous research related to the current study topic.) C. Methodology – 40 points (Covers the research design, data collection methods, sampling, and data analysis methods.) D. Limitations of the Study – 5 points (Should discuss any problems you may encounter that may be a problem for your study.) E. Plan of Dissemination – 5 points (Should discuss how you would disseminate your findings upon completion and who these finding would benefit.) F. Conclusions – 5 points (Summarize your overall paper and speculate as to further action that could be taken regarding your topic.) V. Appendix – 5 points (A reference listing using APA or ASA style, a copy of the survey questionnaire, and any additional reference material go here.) Each paper MUST be at least 8 typed pages in length double-spaced, with 1″ margins on all four sides. The font type MUST be “Times New Roman” and the font size MUST be 12. The paper MUST be typed on white paper with black ink. The paper MUST be doubled-spaced throughout the entire manuscript, DO NOT ADD ANY ADDITIONAL SPACES BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS. The paper MUST be paginated and contain a title page (see above). The paper MUST contain 4 to 8 scholarly sources2. The paper MUST follow APA formatting guidelines. The paper must Be sure that your paper is written in third person format. The research proposal must be able to be conducted with either human or animal subjects. Also, all proposed research designs must be either experimental (i.e., a true experiment), quasi-experimental, or non-experimental in nature.