Topic work place relation and topic is about discrimination policy report

 work place relation and topic is about discrimination policy report

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You are employed in the Human Resources Department of a large hotel company MCD Pty Ltd which has recently acquired a hotel on the Sunshine Coast. It has been identified that MCD’s HRM processes need to be improved. You have been asked by your manager (your tutor) to provide a report detailing the need for policy in one of the following areas: Age discrimination Racial discrimination Disability discrimination You may refer to discrimination policy examples available on the websites of other credible organisations and/or academic sources. Be careful however to use your own words and not to simply reproduce (and hence plagiarise) other sources. Research component: You need to research and reference at least two other credible sources (which might include government reports if appropriate) such as the AHRC publications. Adopt the style of a Business Report. Your answer should be word-processed using one and a half line spacing and justified margins. Pages should be numbered consecutively and in the format appropriate for a business report. The following guideline slides will assist your policy development.