Understanding Pastoral Counseling

Turabian style, double spaced, 4-5 page essay on understanding pastoral counseling taken from book, understanding pastoral counseling by Elizabeth Maynard and Jill. Starting on page 39, in the paper include your responses to the following questions: what were some important themes of the pastoral care and counseling described in the text? In what ways the text relates to my experiences. How was the text significantly informative and or not as relevant to my setting?..I work with youth at my church. I deal with inner city kids, who have many problems and their parents have many problems. Kids deal with bad living area and inviroment, low income, gangs, no jobs, crime. I try to let them know they do not have to be a product of their environment and yet give them help and resources that they need to success knowing the have faith that God can do all things. He is a supernatural God. God can make ways out of no ways. Open door that have been shut for you. And God is a healer of the mind, body and soul. But we must pray and with pray we need action on doing what ever needs to be done. I deal with this on a day and weekly basis. you can get this book from google play/google books/ name of the book stated above. Need from scratch. Can you help me within 24 hours.